Alexander the Great Drachm Coin Pendant

Silver Drachm
14k Gold Bezel
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Coin: Silver Drachm
Date: 336 - 323 B.C.
Bezel: 14k Gold
Weight:  5.37 grams
Diameter: 19 mm


This item is an authentic silver Drachm minted under the rule of Alexander the great, placed in a handmade bezel of 14 karat gold. There is only 1 of this item; you will receive the exact pendant shown in the photos. 

History of the Artifact

The coin features on the obverse the head of Herakles wearing the skin of the Nemean Lion he killed in one of the famous ‘12 Labors of Hercules” - it is speculated that this rendition of Herakles’ portrait may have been heavily inspired on Alexander’s own features. The reverse features Zeus enthroned holding an eagle and scepter. 

As is famously known, Alexander the Great, aged only twenty years became king of Macedonia in 336 B.C., in a matter of years following his crowning, he demonstrated he was perhaps the greatest general of all time and an invincible empire builder. In the course of just thirteen years before his death at Babylon in 323 B.C, he changed the Mediterranean and Near Eastern world forever by bringing the territory of the Persian Empire under Greek rule.

It was in fact during the invasion of Persia that Alexander was able to loot sufficient silver from the enormously wealthy reserves of the Persian Empire to mint these very coins now available to you for purchase! 

These silver reserves plundered from the Persians were so abundant that these Alexander the Great coins became traded everywhere by merchants and Kings throughout the Hellenistic Period. Their quality was so praised for their fine silver content that they became the de facto ‘US dollar' of the time - the currency everyone wanted to trade with. 


Ancient Artifacts guarantees the Authenticity of items sold through a three layer system of protection

  1. Ancient Artifacts exclusively sources artifacts from trusted and reputable antique distributors, many of whom have been selling Artifacts for decades.  
  2. Next, the Artifact is inspected by an expert team member, who is professionally trained in counterfeit detection After the artifact passes inspection, the Certificate of Authenticity is signed and the Artifact is packaged. 
  3. Finally, Ancient Artifacts gives an additional layer of protection by promising a full refund with no questions asked, in the extremely unlikely event that a counterfeit slips through our vetting process.

Your order will include:

  • Alexander the Great Pendant shown in photos
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Ancient Artifacts relics are guaranteed authentic and have a 100% money back policy. Read more about our Mission and Promise for authenticity. 


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14 Aug, 2022

I ordered this coin for my grandson, he loves anything Roman history and was thrilled. I didn’t receive the authentic certificate with it, I contacted the seller and asked if he could send one out to him. He responded right away and is sending it right out. I would recommend to everyone. Very good customer service and arrived early.


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They were so helpful and patient with me I couldn’t be more grateful. They gave me such good service and such fast shipping I’m buying another coin when I get paid again!! I’m going to continue buying from these guys, it looks even better in person. It’s everything I was hoping for:) I’m obsessed with it it looks amazing in my collection:)


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